Bathroom Vanities

by | Sep 16, 2020

The bathroom continues to flourish as a separate area of comfort and elegance in the home. It is hard to believe that a century ago the indoor bathroom was all but nonexistent. Slowly, as indoor plumbing became accessible to the masses, the bathroom we know today began to take shape. Now, bathrooms are more than utilitarian – they are often plush if not extravagant and a part of the residence that is incorporated into the design process. Moreover, most homes have multiple bathrooms in various sizes scattered strategically around the house. They are equipped with a breadth of amenities to cater to multiple family members’ needs and offer a unique combination of function and beauty.

For the purposes of this blog, we will focus solely on the bathroom vanity. The bathroom vanity is the sink (or sinks) and accompanying storage areas. It is the focal point of the bathroom and there are hundreds of sizes, price points, and styles constructed from a variety of materials. Vanities can be free-standing, floating or built-in. The cabinets may be composed from natural or synthetic wood, or other substances, and their presentation can run from simple and open to sophisticated woodworking.

Mirrors, lighting, and faucets as well as hardware such as drawer pulls are factors in designing your bathroom vanity. In fact, there are a dizzying number of decisions to be made with regard to choosing the perfect bathroom vanity.

There are dozens of cabinet makers that bring a vanity design to reality. One company whose products are highly regarded and in great demand is Mantra. Their line of cabinets reflects quality and trendiness while also being affordable. Mantra’s attention to detail encompasses everything from the hardware to the shelving.

Another popular bathroom vanity maker is Kemper Brothers. They began their cabinet making company nearly a century ago and moved from solely designing free standing vanities to offering built-in cabinetry as well. They also provide their products at varying price points as well as an array of colors and styles.

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