Top 10 reasons you should remodel your kitchen today

by | Sep 1, 2020

When it comes to taking your home to the next level, many people look to their kitchen for
remodeling. Not only is it the center of the house, but its where the magic really happens! A
good kitchen inspires excellent dinner conversations and good cooking experiences! Adding
appliances or more space is the most practical and usually the most used in the home.
In this article, we will look at the top 10 reasons you should remodel your kitchen today!

Reason 1) Deterioration

Instead of having family celebrations or guests over and worrying about their opinion of
your kitchen. Peeled or chipped paint, Missing doors or broken cabinets, if you have one or
all of them, its time for a kitchen remodel!

Reason 2) Financial Incentives

With energy-saving rebates offered by the government, many homeowners (and renters)
look to their kitchen for repairs! Not only are their energy-saving rebates, but financial
incentives also include no-interest loans and sales at your local home improvement stores.

Reason 3) Value

One of the biggest reasons people decide to remodel their kitchen is to increase their
homes’ value. A beautiful kitchen gives any home that pop and modern feel that many
buyers are searching for! Also, an added benefit is that a little goes a lot way with kitchen
repair. The buyer most likely will overestimate the actual cost of the kitchen.

Reason 4) Energy Savings

Imagine being able to beautify your kitchen AND save on your energy bill? With a beautiful
kitchen repair, you can add a skylight or water heater to cut the bill and BOOM, you don’t
have to imagine it but live it. Energy-saving has always been a popular reason to remodel
and a good reason you should take advantage as well.

Reason 5) LifeStyle

If you’re anything like most people, you want your home to fit your needs. An island or
breakfast bar can change the gamer completely for you and your family. Family events can
be more engaging without everyone having to sit at the dinner table to enjoy a drink.

Reason 6) Modernity

If your kitchen looks like 1920, it will function like it’s in the 1920s. Update you and your
family to enjoy what the modern kitchen has to offer! It’s your home, so have fun with it and
make every day an enjoyable experience.

Reason 7) Gourmet Kitchen

Many homeowners take pride in their cooking and love preparing beautiful meals, but every
good cook knows that presentation is just as important! It’s no different with your kitchen. A
gourmet kitchen will change the game, and more superior amenities will accommodate any
cooks needs!

Reason 8) Special Needs

Maybe the previous layout worked for the last homeowner, but we all have specific needs
that we can’t go without. Perhaps a lowered (or higher) table to make eating or preparing
food more enjoyable. Some people even prefer lowering the sink if they can’t reach it,
whatever the reason, the best motivation is comfort, and you should arrange the kitchen to
fit your needs!

Reason 9) Change

Change is always good! Years go by, and styles change. Some owners want to change up
the existing layout and update the functionality or make it more attractive!

Reason 10) Visibility and Space

Some kitchens make it difficult to host parties with limited space to hang out in. A few
repairs can change the entire floorplan and make your kitchen look spacious. Visibility is
also important! Nothing is more frustrating than being in the kitchen while without a decent
view od your guests or even the dinner table!

Conclusion: There are many reasons to remodel your kitchen! All of them are as good as the
next, and whether you are remodeling to ease your life or elevate your life, it’s always a good
idea! A kitchen inspires excellent dinner conversations and good cooking experiences! Contact us at New Idea Kitchen and Bath.